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?????? General Ledger Accounts

?????? Journal Entry

?????? Trial Balances

?????? Accounts Payable/Receivable

?????? Reconciliation of Accounts

?????? Bank Reconciliations

?????? Third Party Contacts as needed

?????? Processing and Submission of Quarterly Tax Filings

?????? Filing of Company Year End Taxes

?????? Filing of Individual Year End Taxes


Basic Bookkeeping:

?????? Inputting of General Document


Price Guide:

Accounting = $45.00 per hour

Bookkeeping = $15.00 per hour

Start Up Fee = $75.00?

Our focus is to get your business on the right track so you as the Owner can focus on more important things ?your clients?.


EPS offers the following services to fit your small business needs:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are based on a per hour rate with a minimum of one hour per week requirement.


Payroll: click here.

The typical small business owner incurs $4,600.00 ? $16,400.00 in accounting services and $9,800.00 ? $21,500.00 in payroll services each year.


EPS can help your small business reduce these expenses by nearly HALF of what you are currently paying.